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TIME FOR OUTRAGE! (adapted for Brass Band by Paul McGhee)


Composed for Wind Band in 2014 (1st performance: March 26th 2015) as a commission of D'Frënn vun der Militärmusék a.s.b.l. (friends of the Luxembourg Military Band).

Adapted for Fanfare Orchestra by myself in 2017, as a commission of the Gelders Fanfare Orkest for their participation at the 2017-WMC in Kerkrade.

Adapted for Brass Band by Paul McGhee (GB) in 2017/18

Compulsory piece for the 2018 European Brass Band Championship (EBBC) in Utrecht (NL)

Duration: ca.16'

Grade: 6

Description (GB):

Time for Outrage! Text (E)
Download JPG • 53KB

Score (3 pages, Brass Band):

Time for Outrage - Score 3 pages
Download PDF • 138KB

All versions (Ha/Fa/Bra) are available from:

Listen on SoundCloud: (Cory Band, Conductor: Philip Harper):

Listen on SoundCloud: (Valaisia Brass Band, Conductor: Arsène Duc):

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