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KONZERTSTÜCK, for bass trombone & wind band (1999)

Commissioned by Vincent Debès, Bass-trombone of the Luxbg. Philharm. Orch.

First performance: 02/2000 by the Luxembourg Military Band

Soloist: Vincent Debès, 

Conductor: Marco Pütz

Review: see MEDIA

CD recording: The Winds & Percussion of the Luxembourg Philharmonic Orchestra (see CD-Gallery)

Conductor: Alex Schillings (NL)

Duration: 19'

Grade: 6/6

Description (NL):

Konzertstück (Text, NL)
Download JPG • 104KB

Score (3 pages):

Konzertstuck (Score 3 pages)
Download PDF • 171KB



Listen on SoudCloud: (Luxbg. Philharmonic Orchestra, Conductor: Alex Schillings (NL)):

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