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DERIVATIONS (2003) - Fanfare Band Version

Commissioned by the Fanfare Partij-Wittem (NL) (Bondsconcours 2004)

First performance: 6/2004 by Fanfare Partij-Wittem

Conductor: Paul Oligschläger

Compulsory piece at the 2005-WM-Contest in Kerkrade (Concert Division/Fanfare Orchestra)

Compulsory piece at the 2nd European Music Competition for Bands in Luxembourg (2017)

Also available for Wind Band (see Wind Band/Ensemble)

Duration: 15':15''

Grade: 6

Review: see MEDIA (reviews)

Description (GB):

Derivations (E)
Download JPG • 3.91MB

Description (DE):

Texte Derivations.doc
Download PDF • 74KB

Score (FA, 3 pages):

Derivations-FA-Score-3 pages
Download PDF • 136KB


7 CD & DVD-recordings: see cd-gallery

SoundCloud: Fanfare Maasbracht (Cond.: Jean-Pierre Cnoops)

Youtube: Koninklijke Fanfare Kempenbloei Achel (Cond.: Ivan Meylemans, 2 Videos)

Part 1 / Part 2:

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