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DERIVATIONS (2003/2005)

DERIVATIONS (2003) - Wind Band Version (2005)

Also available for Fanfare-Orchestra

Instrumentation: picc.; Fl.1,2 (4); Oboe 1,2; Basson 1,2; C.-Bs.; Bb-Clarinets 1,2,3 (15); Bb Bs.-Clar.; Alto-Sax 1,2;

Ten.-Sax 1,2; Bari-Sax.; Bb picc. trp.; Bb Trumpet 1,2,3,4; F Horn 1,2,3,4; Trombones 1,2,3; Bs.-Trbne;

Bb Euph. 1,2 (4); Eb Tuba (2); Bb Tuba (2); Double Bass; Timpani; Mallets (2); Percussion (4)

Duration: 16':45''

Grade: 6

Review: see MEDIA (reviews)

Text, Derivations (GB):

Derivations (E)
Download JPG • 3.91MB

Text, Derivations (DE):

Texte Derivations.doc
Download PDF • 74KB

Score (WO, 3 pages):

Derivations-WO-Scor-3 pages
Download PDF • 165KB


7 CD/DVD recordings: see cd-gallery Wind Band version recorded by The University of Calgary Wind Ensemble

Soundcloud: Luxembourg Military Band, Live at the Philharmonic Hall 12th May 2013,

Conductor: Cap. Jean-Claude Braun

Youtube: The Calgary University Wind Ensemble, Conductor: Dr. Glenn Price

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