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2023 / NEW COMPOSITION / BRAINWASHING, for Sax.-Quartet (SATB) & Wind Band

BRAINSWASHING, was composed in 2023 on behalf of the Ministry of Culture, Luxembourg & the Amstel Saxophone Quartet (NL). This piece may be understood as a psychological manipulation set to music.
From a psychological point of view, Brainwashing consists of three successive phases, which can be followed in my music:
1) Dependency 2) Dissonance 3) Attitude Change
Duration: 19'
Grade: 6/6
Premiere performance: September 15th, 8:00 pm, KulTourhaus, Huncherange (commune of Bettembourg)
Publisher (after premiere): BRONSHEIM MUSIC, The Netherlands
More information: see - Works - Wind Band/Ensemble, on this Website

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